Bid & Buy

You are cordially invited to our auctions and there are three ways to participate in the auction:

 Be  present. You can also make use of the VIP-loge. For 25th August contact to:  Suitable hotels are: Hotel Duhoux, Wirdum; Golden Tulip Tjaarda, Oranjewoud.

• By telephone. There are people who are interested to participate in buying during the Starsale Auction , who can not be present physically at the Auction.Therefore the Auction has organized the possibility to bid and buy according the following procedures:

1. The interested person (hereafter called “buyer”) sends ultimately Friday the 24th of August before the  Auction a mail to the Auction, represented in this by Alice Klimstra, mailadress , wherein buyer mentions: 

  • Name buyer
  • Adress buyer
  • Zipcode and City buyer
  • Country buyer
  • Telephonenumber and mobile-number where Auction can contact buyer;
  • The cataloquenumber(s) and pedigree of the cataloquenumber(s) buyer is interested in;

2.    Buyer will be contacted by telephone or mail by Auction soon after buyer has send mail (see 1.);

3.    Ultimately Tuesday, 28th of August the amount of money which maximum will be invested has to be available on one of the special bankacounts of the Starsale Auctions (this under supervision of the Notar). There will be three different bankaccounts depending off the currency: Euro / US-dollar / English pound. In this way there will be no extra loss on currencies when the transferred money is not (totally) used.

  •  A representative from the Auction will phone buyer some minutes before the selected foal will enter the arena: then there is a connection to bid and buy by telephone. Buyer gives the representative the signal(s) to bid for buyer (ultimately as long as allowed by the amount of money (see 3.);
  • When buyer has succeeded in buying, the representative will sign the contract for buyer, and the deal is made.

Monday the 3th of septembre 2018, the Auction will send a financial overview to buyer and the amount of money which is not invested will be returned.