Starsale has got 7 Champion Foals

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Starsale has got 7 Champion Foals

Starsale has got 7 Champion foals!

The selection committee has once again selected an outstanding collection of foals.

This results at this moment in 7 champion foals:

Champion and Reserve Champion CK Drenthe:
Catalogusnr. 10. Zirocco Blue x Indoctro
Catalogusnr. 43. GlenfiddichVDL x Baltic VDL

Champion veulenkeuring Harich en Public's Favorit foal:
Catalogusnr. 53. Governor x Flemmingh

Champion CK Groningen:
Catalogusnr. 64. Ebony x Rousseau

Champion Trakhenerkeuring Nuenen:
Catalogusnr. 67. Millennium x Van Deyk

Champion Veulenkeuring Harich :
Catalogusnr. 68. Global Express x Indorado

Champion veulenkeuring Tolbert:
Catalogusnr. 75. Apache x Metall

Stalsale: Simply The Best