Northern breeders have proved that they breed excellent sportshorses.
Worldchampions OKIDOKI and TOTILAS as well as COCKTAIL and OLYMPIC SUNRISE are bred in the northern part of the Netherlands.

Quality is key important to Starsale!  Starsale selects foals from the best sports- and breedingmarelines, like the Nikki-, Sina-, Balia- and Minka stocks. Besides the importance of the pedigree, exteriorcharacteristics and severe veterinary demands are important selectioncriteria.
Starsale links up with the question to foals from qualitative marelines and foals from interesting young and/or established stallions.
In order to be assured that the Starsale foals are in a good condition and have a good health, the foals are twice being examined  by a specialized horse veterinary. The first time is at the photo shoot for the catalogue and website early August and the second time is upon arrival at the day of the auction.

Thanks to the building and maintenance of foreign contacts over 30% of the foals are sold abroad. Intercession at breedingplace from foal till contesthorse is part of the facilities: 

The severe demands, governing selectionpolicy, market and aftersale, attend with a customer friendly organisation result into an auction on a splendid location.
It is therefore quiet obvious that we pursue a longlasting relation with our purchasers.

The initiative to organize a foalauction originated from the North of Dutch KWPN divisions
They created the foundation ‘Starsale Veulenveiling Noord-Nederland’. The foundation has a board, which consists out of 5 persons .

The board of Starsale

Chairman Gerard Arkema
Treasurer Tiemen Dolfijn
Member Alice Klimstra
Member Anja Lomulder
Member Femke Palstra


Office Starsale
(Mrs. Alice Klimstra)
Berchhuzen 3
9137 CG Oosternijkerk

e-mail: veulens@starsaleauctions.com