Tuesday 20 of August 2024 Starsale Auctions will take place at the HJC Manege in Tolbert!

Excellent sport horses are scarce, expensive and almost impossible to get a hold of! In many cases there is only one option to get the stars of the future in view and in the stable: selecting from today's foals. Starsale Auctions can help you with that!

The Northern Breeding Area is the source of talent! The quality is present in plural; pedigree, conformation, sport expectations, veterinary checks. All facets are weighed up and nothing should be found to be too light.

The auction has several selection moments. To ensure that the foals are in good health, they are medically checked during the photo session (for the catalogue, film and website) and again clinically checked before the start of the auction by a recognized horse veterinarian.

Thanks to our international networks, more than 30% of the foals are sold to go abroad. We will continue to maintain these contacts and will be greatly expanded in the future.

Quality is not only the common thread in the selection process, but also characterizes the entire organization of this event. Breeders, buyers and visitors can have confidence in the quality of our organization. We do it together and for each other! We try to implement improvements in the continuous process.


Starsale Auctions is happy to be your host and partner: you can count on us!