Quality and correctness sets the tone at Starsale Auctions

The foal collection for the 22th edition of Starsale Auctions, which will take place for the first time in Tolbert on August the 24th, is complete. A select group of 59 jumping  and dressage foals will be auctioned by Frederik De Backer. In addition to quality and performance genes, the selection committee has paid particular attention to correctness. This makes sure it’s safe to buy a foal without having to take a very close look.

One of the original objectives of Starsale Auctions is to promote sales in the northern of the Netherlands, and after this auction has also selected foals from the rest of our country for a number of years, the 2021 collection foals are entirely bred in the north. “In that way we went back to the roots, and I think it has given us a very interesting collection of foals”, says Marcel de Boer on behave of the selection committee.

A foal auction helps the breeders with the sales, and relieves the potential buyer by subjecting the foals to selection criteria such as conformation, development, a performance pedigree and the movements. “At Starsale Auctions, we also attach great importance to the correctness of legs and hooves. For us it is not only about the foals having a great pedigree, because we also clearly look at the foal itself. With us, a buyer doesn’t need to take a closer look at the foals in stable before bidding or even can bid by telephone, because we have strictly selected on the correctness”, continues De Boer.  “I think we have succeeded in selecting a very nice mix of proven and promising bloodlines, whereby -of course- we have also had a lot of focus on the damlines during the selections. It is a very diverse collection of colts and fillies, all of which meet our high requirements and therefore have a lot of potential for both sport and breeding.”